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2021. január 22. péntek
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Dossier K.
Kertész Imre - Dossier K.
Kertész Imre
Dossier K.

kiadó: Melville House
cikkszám: 11168454
ISBN: 9781612192024
megjelenés: 2013-01-01
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Ár: 4875 Ft
webes rendelés esetén: 4388 Ft

Dossier K is Imre Kertész’s response to the hasty biographies and profiles that followed his 2002 Nobel Prize, an attempt to set the record straight. But, as befits Kertész, it’s a beautifully roundabout way of going straight: Kertész faces and interrogates himself about the issues and events that have long preoccupied him, while also dealing with the questions that really annoy him (such as, “Is your work autobiographical?”).

The result is an extraordinary self-portrait, in which Kertész recounts memories of his childhood in Budapest; the years that lead up to the Second World War and his first encounters with anti-Semitism; the incredible forged record of his death in Buchenwald that may in fact have saved his life; his release from the camps and his return to his family; Hungary’s Rákosi and Kádár regimes and the terror, hypocrisy, and absurdity they entailed; his thoughts about what other writers have written about the Holocaust; his two marriages; and his long development as a writer.

This is a surprising and provocative autobiography that delves into questions about the legacy of the Holocaust, fiction and reality, and what Kertész calls “the wonderful burden of being responsible for yourself.

IMRE KERTÉSZ was born in Hungary in 1929. At the age of fourteen he was imprisoned at Auschwitz and later at the Buchenwald concentration camps. He is the author of 14 books of fiction and non-fiction, and was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 2002 for “writing that upholds the fragile experience of the individual against the barbaric arbitrariness of history.”

TIM WILKINSON is the primary English translator of Imre Kertész as well as numerous other significant works of Hungarian history and literature. In 2005, his translation of Kertész’s Fatelessness was awarded the PEN Club/Book of the Month Club Translation Prize. He lives in London.

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fordította: Tim Wilkinson

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